Geforce rtx 3080 ti vs 2080 ti benchmark

 The Geforce 3080 is intended as the follow-up to the 2080. Which I don't have, so I compared it to the 2080 TI instead.



  • Tested on a stock Ryzen 3700X and 32 GB of RAM @ 3200 Mhz
  •  I figured the 2080 TI was 27% faster than the 2080 by averaging the framerates they both got at 4K resolution on Anandtech's review of them.
  • Oops! I forgot to mention the 3Dmark scores because their 10,000+ scores interfered with the framerates, also shown. But if you'd like to know, 2080TI VS 3080 in 3Dmark Ultra = 8142 VS 10627, Timespy = 13053 VS 14943. Also, screw 3Dmark for proudly telling me it had validated the result at the end of the benchmark, making me think I had broken NDA by releasing the 3080's score for all the world to see.
  • The assumption about the 3080 being the least efficient of the bunch is based almost entirely on the TDPs, and because I can't imagine the 3090 being any less than 10% faster than the 3080, given its specs and SIZE.
  • My misfortune with PSUs blowing up on me is NOT because I buy bad PSUs. In fact, those free PSUs you'd get with old cases never caused a problem- it's only been since I started investing in proper brands and models that this has started happening to me.
  • Thanks to Nvidia for giving me early access to the GPU! I was given the same access and resources as big, proper reviewers were and felt totally out of my depth, which was awesome
  • The 9x DLSS mode isn't out yet, but will be patched into existing games, and will be available for owners of Turing, too.
Perf/W has a 'GPU' result, and a higher 'Total' result, which measures the whole card's power usage and not just the chip in the middle. The higher the Perf/W result, the better. So a score of 0.5 is more like '0.5 frames per joule' rather than '0.5 watts per frame'. Interestingly, Ampere's 'GPU' segment was significantly more efficient than Turing's, so I guess it was brought down by the rest of the card drawing similar power to before.

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