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As well as bringing much-need organization to Shortcuts, the new iOS 14 option for folders has benefits for how you can use widgets, too.

More than 10 new iPhone tricks and hacks you've never seen before. iOS 14 introduces a fresh color picker, allows you to change your default browser and even hide home screen pages and photos. What hidden feature is your favorite?

If you have more than a handful of Shortcuts, you tend to have hundreds and will unquestionably have found it pain to scroll around looking for the one you want. Beyond that, though, Shortcuts have also a tendency to reorganize themselves as they sync between iPhone and iPad.

The new iOS 14 should in theory solve both of these. In practice, AppleInsider has already seen a folder empty itself when a device on the same Apple ID was updated to iPadOS 14.

So get all of your devices onto the latest version of iOS 14. And then group your most-used Shortcuts into folders. 



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