King of Glory: The five most false lies in history, but there are still players who believe that Irene will not return


King of Glory: The five most false lies in history, but there are still players who believe that Irene will not return

The game of Glory of Kings has been updated from the S1 season to the present. There have been 20 seasons, and the S21 season will soon be ushered in. However, there are many lies in the game, and some players even believe that it lasted from S1 to the present. Suspect, whether you are an old player or a novice, you actually have hope for lies. Whether you don’t want to believe the facts or really believe the lies, maybe only you know, but please don’t pass the lie to others, then let us see What are the lies?

Irene will return to the game, and some players even say that returning players will get Irene the hero for free. In fact, these are fake and unrealistic lies. Irene is a closed beta hero, although some players have it. , But in fact this hero was abandoned by Tianmei, and she cannot be found in the shooter. Unless you have this hero, you can’t find any information about Irene in the game. The planner once said that this hero will not In any form, Irene has been replaced by Hou Yi.

V8 has special treatment. Although this is true, after all, V8 itself is a player who has recharged a lot. After entering the game, there will be some small rewards, such as diamonds and inscriptions, but V8 comes with a famous knife or V8 can be easily accessed. If you score, then it’s fake. V8 is just a status symbol. It won’t get special treatment in the real game, and you can’t get points easily. Everyone has the same matching mechanism. V8 will still lose streak. V8 There is no famous knife, these are fake, if you recharge for this, you will definitely regret it.

The Eternal Diamond is the most difficult rank. This is also an unrealistic lie. Although the Eternal Diamond ranks are relatively deep, especially at the beginning of the season, the rank succession has now changed. The King of Glory is directly Xing Yao Er. It’s no longer everyone squeezing into the diamond ranks to score together, so the phenomenon of mixed fish and dragons has changed. The higher the rank, the more difficult it is. A diamond rank player will definitely not be able to lead his teammates in the glory rank, but the honor ranks. Players can fly in the diamond position, which is the gap.


 There is no difference between whether there is a skin or not. In fact, this is also fake. Although this is a competitive game, the skin should not have the advantage in theory, but in fact the skin has a direct bonus, 10 physical attacks, this is the gap, and the skin Not only this gap, but more importantly, the difference in the feel. Not to mention different skins, the attack distance may be different. We can’t verify this, but the feel is certain. Maybe not the more expensive the better, but there is a gap. , In high-ranking qualifying, you can hardly see players without skins, especially heroes like Han Xin.

There is no difference in strength between the diamond rank and the king rank players. Many players are convinced that if there is no gap, then why one is a diamond and the other is a king. In fact, many players have this illusion, in fact they are their own. The comparison method is wrong, and it’s caused by the fact that some players are on fire. When many players compare, they will use the big gods in the diamond rank to compare the players who are the king. This is originally wrong. The big gods in the diamond rank, they may just It's just playing the trumpet, the true level may be glory, and there is nothing comparable.

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