One wave has not settled and another wave has risen. The United States is deeply mired in a triple disaster and is difficult to save itself. The Americans call for China: Help



On September 18, according to the latest news from News Agency in Washington, the United States, which has been deeply caught in the wildfire disaster, has made the situation worse. The abnormal tropical storm 'Sally' has landed in the southern United States on the early morning of the 16th local time, and heavy rainfall caused flash floods. It flooded the streets and alleys wherever they went, and according to the analysis of experts from the United States Meteorological Administration, after this weather storm passes, it will cause floods to rise, or cause large-scale flash floods.

'Sally' landed and killed at least one person

It is reported that 'Sally' is already the 8th tropical storm to land in the United States. It is worth mentioning that the hurricane season has two and a half months to end. The World Meteorological Organization has only prepared 21 names for this year's hurricanes. Up to now, only one name is left unused. U.S. hurricane research experts also said that this year’s hurricane was a bit abnormal.

According to relevant experts, this should be related to the cause of global warming, because the air in a warm environment will produce more water vapor, making the storm stronger. It is worth mentioning that, regardless of wildfires or hurricanes in the United States, relevant experts have expressed that they have a certain relationship with the climate.

But US President Trump does not think so!

Wildfires 'burned' and hurricanes landed, what is Trump doing?

According to local official data in the United States, as of the 15th, California wildfires have killed at least 34 people, burned about 24 'New York', and burned tens of thousands of residential houses. Tens of thousands of firefighters are still fighting on the front line. Extinguishing.


There are wildfires on one side and hurricanes on the other. Many states in the U.S. have already sounded a first-level alert. According to US media reports, the smoke and dust from wildfires in the United States has caused serious air pollution in many states. Directly 'explode the table.' It is worth mentioning that, according to the news released by the US Meteorological Administration, these smoke and dust are moving towards Europe. If they continue to burn, it will cause immeasurable consequences.

But even in the face of such a 'mixed-up' situation, Trump still does not believe in scientific judgment, and even questioned the fact that global warming is a 'conspiracy.'


 In the US election, the White House chooses to watch wildfires from the other side

Wildfires and hurricanes hit this year's US election, and climate has become an issue that cannot escape the US election. Trump and Biden have also been fighting over this issue. The climate issue has always been the 'spear' used by the Democratic Party to attack the Republican Party.

Regarding the issue of wildfires, Trump has stated in public on many occasions: Wait, the wildfires will go out when the weather is cold. When meteorological experts put forward scientific suggestions, Trump dismissed it and disagreed with the statement of 'global warming.' He insisted on solving the problem of frequent wildfires by 'changing forest management methods.' In addition, Trump also suggested that firefighters on the front line can add a few more barriers to prevent the fire from spreading again.

It is worth mentioning that when former US President Barack Obama was in power, he formulated a number of environmental protection measures, but after Trump took office, he overturned those environmental protection energy measures.

Although experts in many fields have said to Trump, 'I hope the president can respect science.' Trump still insists that 'As long as we protect ourselves, we will not be afraid of fires.'

For this reason, many American netizens said on Twitter, 'Our country does not need a president who disrespects science.' Some American netizens shouted to China: 'Send your firefighters to rescue us ...'

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