This is real story i have read in one confession page.

This is real story i have read in one confession page.


Lovely feel one:
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We are married for last 5 years. Love marriage. I became mom fter 2 years of marriage. Just after 6 months of our cute angel born, he was given a onsite opportunity. He had to take a tough decision. Whether to take the opportunity or to decline it. Since it was cold weather most of the time, he was worried whether our little angel could handle it. So he left us here with my parents and relatives and he went alone. Our relationship became strong. Our love grew .. He had 3 years term and he didn't come visit us once he went there. Me and our angel misses him
very much .. He planned to come once the visa is close to expire .. We agreed upon it and things were going smooth.
In meanwhile, I started missing him most. Ill wake up midnight just to speak with him during his lunch time and all .. But still not really happy about the way things were going. He knew what was going within me. He still kept silent. My bday was close by. He asked me what do you want
honey for your bday? I said "I just need a goodnight kiss from you"
He said in sorry honey to disappoint you .. I cantcome now .. I couldn't sleep that night. My bday came, my husband wished me over phone and I went out with family for movies and all. And that night, there is a knock on door. It was him !!!!! He was standing in front of me on my bday !! After
nearly 2 years !! I cooked him dinner in late night and we hit bed. He was very tired already due to travel. I askedhim you call me from home today morning andhow come you are here now .. He said it was a
Conf call. His roommate connected it .. I felt so
happy ..
I asked him how many days stay .. He said just one day .. Then why you came now, I asked. To give you good night kiss he said.
Me: You flew 2 days to give me kiss goodnight ?? Him: Its worth it! 



I was in love with a girl. I loved her truly, so did she.


We have always celebrated our time together as happy moments of our life, until she decided to break up with me for a very valid reason (I believe), which was known only to her!

After that, I have started to feel some changes in her behavior, but she never avoided me, or I would say, she couldn't avoid me.

She tried to shower me with her love in the same way as usual, at least pretended to do so.

She would smile at me, when she actually wanted to give up on me. She would hold my hands, when she actually wanted to leave it forever.

I could see nothing in her eyes, which once had exchanged evergreen love with me!

I understood she wasn't able to say goodbye at my face! But I do understand, she was hurting herself, just because not to hurt me.

One day, I brought her to a park, a beautiful one indeed, where I have seen her for the first time in my life. Though we had visited that park earlier many times, that moment, that particular moment when we stepped inside the park, I felt jubilated as if we had just started our love story! I felt proud for having such a sweetheart as my girlfriend.

But, all beautiful things would come to an end, right?

We walked into the park. We reached her favorite spot which stayed amidst the bunch of lavender flowers. We sat on the wooden bench placed over there.

We killed our time in silence, or I would say, those silent moments killed us!

She gazed down and I gazed at her.

I called her by her name. She looked up. I looked into her eyes. That pair of eyes, which once struggled hard to move away from me, now struggled hard to even look at me.

I went near her and felt the heat of her tensed breath.

I gently lifted her chin up and kissed on her lips for a few seconds.

And, when we parted, I said "Goodbye My Love!"

She broke down in tears, buried her face in her palms and cried!

I looked at her for one last time and walked away without turning back, leaving my soul with her!

P.S: Love is not always about getting, it is also about giving away, sometimes ... even your love itself!

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