This is a true story, which happened in my neighbourhood

This is a true story, which happened in my neighborhood a few months back and I still have a hard time believing it.

An old man lived in a nice big house with his wife. Their only son was settled in Canada with his wife and kids.

One sad day, the old man died of heart-attack. His wife was devastated. The son came from Canada to attend his funeral. He was very depressed about not being with him in his father's last days. He stayed with his mother for about a week and then decided to take her to Canada along with him. He didn't want to lose his mother the same way. The mother was ecstatic at the thought of living with her son and his family. They sold the house and other precious belongings. Packed everything and went to the airport.

After the baggage and security check-in, they were waiting in the seating area. The boy had an urge to pee and told his mother that he was going to the wash room and would be back in 5 min. The mother nodded and waited for him.

And he never came back.

Yes, he flew to Canada alone. Naive and innocent, she kept wondering where he was. She didn't know what to do. So she kept waiting. Hours passed by. She was crying. After about 15 hours, a security person came up to her and asked her what the matter was. She told him in a broken voice that her son abandoned her. That he sold their house, took away all the savings and left her alone and poor to die homeless. That she didn't have any relatives in the city and no place to go. The guard felt for her but he couldn't do much. He advised her to go back to her locality and ask her neighbors or the new owners of their house to lend some space. He dropped her at her old place.

It was sold to a young couple having a kid. The lady opened the door. The old mother explained her situation, crying her eyes out. She said, "Give me some space in any corner of the room, I will clean the house, do the dishes, anything you want." The lady brought her into the room where her husband was watching TV.
The couple was kind and the husband said, "We have got a lot of space here so keeping you won't be a problem. But we have got no parents of our own. So if you stay here as our mother, then only we would allow you a place here. "
The lady was overwhelmed.
Now she is staying with them. She takes care of their kid and they treat her like their mother.

I had tears in my eyes when my mother told me this. Our parents do more than they feasibly can to give us the best childhood. They are squashed financially, physically and emotionally in the process. And when it is our time to return the favor as they grow old, some of us resort to such brutalities. Thankfully there are still some good people to hold this world together with love.

This is a world where blood relatives could turn out to be absolutely heartless and you could find selfless love in absolute strangers.

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