What would be the ideal shape for pasta for maximal sauce adhesion?


if you are an Italian you’re asking the question the wrong way. The correct question is "I am making X or Y sauce, what pasta goes with it?"

You see, the sauce drives the pasta shape, not the other way around. Let’s run some do


chunky meat sauces: rigatoni or tagliatelle


creamy sauces (not cream, but creamy as an adjective) like carbonara or cacio e Pepe: spaghetti

Thin sauces with very little weight. Think Aglio olio e peperoncino, or clam sauce: linguine


stewed meats, think wild boar ragú: pappardelle


truffles: long thin fresh noodles, tagliolini or spaghetti alla chitarra

chunky vegetable sauces: orecchiette

Pesto: trofie, or anything for the herb oil to seep into

and many many more

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