How to update iPhone to iOS 14 beta with update link


In the early hours of this morning, Apple officially launched iOS14 at WWDC2020, introducing the latest version of iPhone software for the first time. It brought about the biggest changes to the iOS home screen in years: small plugins, plus an app resource library, picture-in-picture mode, etc.
Today, Apple also released the iOS14 developer preview/open beta Beta for developers, the specific version number is 18A5301. The test version upgrade is risky, the test needs to be cautious. Be sure to make a backup before updating.

After installing the correct developer description file, you can request the iOS firmware package in the settings ~ general ~ software update.
To open the description file download with Apple's own safari:

Apple said that iOS14 can run on iPhone 6s and later, which is exactly the same as iOS13. This means that iOS14 also supports any iPhone running iOS13.

The complete list is as follows:
So what are the impressive new features that iOS 14 offers from Apple? Here is a detailed introduction to the new iOS14.

1. Application Library: Support hiding the screen pages and including them in the application library as one page. On this page, you can sort by alphabet, which makes it easy to find applications;

2. Screen widgets: Provide user interface elements of different types and sizes, and users can recall and customize widget arrangement through a separate setup page;

3. Picture-in-picture support: similar to iPadOS.

4. Siri: brings a new user interface interaction, and is no longer displayed in full screen. Support offline playback, voice recognition and transmission, face-to-face translation, and other functions;

5. Messages: support the top of the chat list, add a new Emoji Memoji, and the group chat supports displaying specific contact messages, contacts, and group chat picture customization;

6. Map: The new map has been rebuilt, and has been in beta operation for some time in the US, and will be launched in the UK, Ireland, and Canada later this year.

7. CarPlay: iPhone has a built-in digital key and supports iOS 13/14. Using the U1 chip's ultra-wideband function, the car can be unlocked at will;

8. App Store: Brings the App Clips functionality, and recommends users to apply the app when they need it. This feature will appear in many applications such as Safari and Maps

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