523 million Facebook user phone numbers are found for sale on Telegram




Over 500 million Facebook user phone numbers are reportedly listed for sale on Telegram messaging. Count 20 dollars for a number, and a sliding scale from 10,000 numbers purchased.

After recovering a database containing some 533 million phone numbers of Facebook users, a hacker set up a bot on Telegram's messaging system to sell access to the latter.


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A database operated and marketed

It is an ironic situation to say the least. While the Telegram application is perceived by some as a safe alternative to WhatsApp, a hacker has chosen to sell access to a database of Facebook users there.




Alon Gal, a security expert explains on his Twitter feed that a vulnerability discovered in September 2019 and affecting Facebook made it possible to recover the phone number of any user of the social network.

This flaw would have gone almost unnoticed, and a year later, a user created a bot that allows anyone to query the database.



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20 million accounts allocated in France

You just need to retrieve a person's Facebook ID, simply by entering their profile URL on the FindMyFBid.in website. To retrieve a phone number, however, it is necessary to purchase a $ 20 loan. The purchase of 10,000 credits (or 10,000 issues) was sold for $ 5,000.




The United States is the most affected by this hack with some 32.3 million accounts affected; France is not left out, however, since more than 19.84 million users are listed in this database. Note that when the security breach was exploited, Facebook France had 27.5 million active members per month.

Motherboard, which reports the information, contacted Facebook about it. The community giant obviously tried to minimize the matter by explaining that this database contained Facebook identifiers created before the vulnerability was corrected.



1/5 of affected users

The fact remains that Facebook users who entered their phone number on the service before August 2019 remain affected by this hack. In the third quarter of 2019, the network had a total of 2.45 billion users. 20% of them would be affected.





For years, Facebook has not stopped encouraging Internet users to enter their phone number. And that's arguably one of the reasons some don't take a very positive view of the gateways the company is trying to build with WhatsApp.

Mark Zuckerberg's firm explains that the phone number can be used to recover his account in the event of loss of password. However, officials refrained from explaining that the numbers could be used to implement targeted advertising.



Source : Motherboard


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