A new Knights of the Old Republic is in development ... but not at EA




After Ubisoft, another studio outside Electronic Arts would work on a game stamped Star Wars: the sequel to the legendary KOTOR series.

According to Bespin Bulletin, well informed behind the scenes of Star Wars, a still unknown studio outside Electronic Arts, is working on the sequel to the legendary Knights of the Old Republic saga. If the rumor has been circulating for a long time about this expected return of the fans, this is the first time that we learn that neither Bioware nor Electronic Arts would be in the helm of the project.



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The Foretold Return of the Jedi

It was indeed long expected that a remake or a new project around Knights of the Old Republic would eventually present itself. Even today, this is one of the best video game adaptations in the Star Wars franchise, so it is sure that the wait around for a new game in this series would be a sensation.

Since the second episode in 2004, the legendary series has been orphaned. If Electronic Arts had meanwhile wished to put it back on the front of the stage, the attempt was finally aborted. Last year, new rumors had come to raise the hope of a revival of the series, always at Electronic Arts.

But with its recent loss of exclusivity on video game adaptations of the Star Wars franchise and a new game in this universe at the controls of Ubisoft, it seems that a new Knights of the Old Republic could finally see the light of day ... but not by the hand of Electronic Arts or Bioware.


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'There is another one ...'

In a recently released podcast, the knowledgeable Bespin Bulletin stated that development for such a project was well underway: “From my research, I learned that a Knights of the Old Republic project was in development somewhere. I spoke to a few people and also found out that Jason Schreier [influential reporter at Bloomberg] had announced that EA was not in the driver's seat and that one would never 'be able to guess' which studio is doing it. '

Bespin Bulletin also announced that a bounty hunter game is in development. It could be the open world developed by Ubisoft, or a project managed by another studio outside Electronic Arts. The latter confirmed working on other Star Wars projects, however with less ambitions than what was announced recently.

Patience and meditation are therefore required for Star Wars fans while waiting to see what these many distant, very distant projects have in store for us.

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