After Parler, Telegram messaging accused of hosting hateful content







After the closure of the Parler network, Telegram is now at the center of controversy. Instant messaging has been taken over by extremist users and accused of hosting hateful content. Under the influence of a complaint, it is Apple who pays the price.

After the attempted intrusion of the Capitol on January 6, some social networks, including Twitter, decided to ban Donald Trump from their platforms, accused of posting messages inciting violence. The supporters of the outgoing president are said to have organized themselves in particular on the Parler network, which was first withdrawn from the App Store, the Play Store and then quite simply Amazon servers. The users in question would then have migrated to Telegram.



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 Telegram, the new HQ of extremists

Facing the recent downtime of Speak, pro-Trump activists appear to have massively downloaded the Telegram messaging app to create discussion groups there. The editor of the messaging was also forced to remove dozens of public channels in which members exchanged 'hateful' comments.

However, if Apple has decided to remove Parler from its downloads platform, it has chosen to keep Telegram on its App Store. And this decision does not please the members of the American nonprofit Coalition for a Safer Web.

Coalition for a Safer Web believes that the members of the discussion groups hosted on Telegram made neo-Nazi remarks promoting the supremacy of the 'white race'. They were therefore in violation of the rules of the Apple App Store, like Parler whose firm Tim Cook explained that it represented 'threats of violence and illegal activities'.



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 Apple's inaction called into question

According to Apple Insider, Coalition for a Safer Web has therefore launched actions against Apple, accused of not having banned Telegram messaging from its application store, and therefore, in other words, of having applied differentiated treatment for two messaging applications in its Store. According to the association, there is indeed no reason to continue supporting Telegram, messaging has also become a means of spreading hateful content. The complainants have also already warned Apple last June as to the nature of the discussions within the public groups of Telegram.

Still, Telegram still took the situation in hand by removing the affected message channels. Parler has always been reluctant to filter the content of messages published on its social network; however, it is only by setting up an effective moderation policy that the network will be able to find its place on the Apple application store, as Tim Cook explained recently.

Telegram, for its part, is also still available on Google's PlayStore. An action is also planned against the giant. Finally, it should be noted that, although the service is also available on the Windows Store, Microsoft seems a priori spared by the actions of Coalition for a Safer Web.

Telegram and iPhone users, rest assured: in case Apple decides to give in to this pressure and ban messaging from its AppStore, its founder, Pavel Durov, explained that teams are currently working on a web application that will be therefore available through the Safari browser.



Source : Apple Insider


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