An electric Alpine would be in preparation jointly at Renault and Lotus





 The heir to Alpine's A110 could be a 100% electric sports coupé, produced in association with Lotus ... This is in any case what the new partnership recently signed between Lotus and Renault suggests.

This agreement is part of the recently announced “Renaulution” strategy, committing the group to leadership in electric cars in Europe. It should allow the two car brands to share their skills and experiences.



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 The “Renaulution” continues ...

Renault has been producing electric vehicles in quantity for many years. However, the manufacturer has only recently become a leader in the sector, as the craze for “clean” cars has grown, in particular helped by financial incentives from European governments to green the automotive industry - and support an impacted industry. by the health crisis.

But to consolidate this success over the long term, Renault has embarked on profound changes in strategy, under the leadership of its new Chairman, Luca de Meo, in place since last July. Thus, the “Renaulution”, as the group calls it, wants to be a revolution in depth of the group so that Renault becomes a true leader of the electric car in Europe.


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Alpine's future will also be electric

If lovers and purists of the legendary brand are already screaming, there is no other viable solution to date to perpetuate the Alpine brand in compliance with future standards. In addition, the electric motor provides exceptional performance, as Lotus has already demonstrated with its Evija of 2,000 horsepower.

It is therefore with this partnership concluded with the specialist in racing cars and hyper sports cars that Renault finds its way for the future of its Alpine brand. The French manufacturer provides for the moment little concrete information about the future of Alpine, but a first teaser image suggests that the range will be available in three electric models including an SUV, and the heir to the 'A110, charged with electrons, to devour the bitumen again.

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