Android 12 could make unused apps 'hibernate'






 To save storage space and free up resources, Android 12 might hibernate apps installed on your smartphone that you never use.

As we get closer to the release of the first Developer Preview for Android 12, Google has updated some sections of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). XDA Developers has spotted changes in the code indicating that a handy feature could arrive with the next major release of the mobile OS.



Applications in hibernation mode

Google describes in AOSP a 'system service that manages the hibernation state of applications', adding some details on what this means. According to a developer's post, hibernating applications 'are not actively used and can be optimized for storage.'

In other words, this would induce less resources consumed and therefore an increase in the performance of the mobile, as well as in the memory space saved!

We also learn that the policy that determines whether an application should go into hibernation or not, is managed by the PermissionController code, on which we unfortunately do not have precise information.


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 Automatic rather than manual activation?

It seems like this is an automatic feature, but from here it all becomes guesswork. One can indeed imagine a system based on the statistics of use of applications, which would go into hibernation by themselves after a certain time without having been opened. In this case Google could either let its algorithm do its work or let the user decide after how long an application goes into hibernation.

On how exactly this feature works, XDA Developers has a theory: Android would compress the APK and other files related to the app. We hope to be able to take advantage of it from Android 12, which we should have official news in a few weeks.


Source : XDA Developers


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