Apex Legends: Nintendo Switch version, already postponed, could land on February 2






The Japanese Apex Legends YouTube channel is said to have sold off over a landing of the game on Nintendo Switch on February 2.

The arrival, already postponed, of Respawn Entertainment's Battle Royale on Nintendo's hybrid console at this date would, moreover, be concomitant with the start of season 8.



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Drop approaching on Switch?

We owe this discovery to @TitanfallBlog on Twitter, as the Japanese Apex Legends YouTube channel quickly deleted their post.




Expected initially last fall, at the same time as the Steam version after the arrival of EA Play on the Valve platform, the Nintendo Switch version was finally pushed back by Respawn. The studio wanted to work more on this port to offer the best possible experience on Nintendo's hybrid console.

Like all other versions of Apex Legends, this port to Switch should offer cross-platform matchmaking, with additional features so as not to leave Switch players on the sidelines compared, in particular, to PC players.

For now, Electronic Arts has not commented on this premature announcement, which was also immediately deleted.



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Source : Twitter


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