Fans of the excellent Portal 2 develop a rather promising campaign



 On April 19, Portal 2 will be celebrating its 10 candles. And, no longer supporting the endless wait that still separates us from a hypothetical sequel, a collective of fans are working to give the game from Valve a whole new campaign.

Called Desolation, this mod for Portal 2 will make you play Diana Mendez, a guinea pig from Aperture who has benefited from cybernetic augmentations including, in particular, the ARM (Antebrachial Relativity Manipulator) arm which here replaces the Portal Gun.





New environments on the program

Set a few hundred years after the events of Portal 2, Desolation naturally takes place in the premises of Aperture Science, where a new threat is disturbing the sleep.

Described as perilous, the quest Diana Mendez embarks on will, we are told, shed light on Aperture's mysterious past, but also her own.



We will occasionally visit new test chambers, some of which will take us to caverns designed to form the junction between the old Aperture premises and the more modern Enrichment Center.


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A mod of great magnitude

While the term 'mod' may sound like a modest addition of content, it sounds euphemistic here. The Emberspark Games team (made up of modding veterans) is talking about a true single-player campaign featuring 30 test chambers for a lifespan calculated at around 4 hours.



So much fun, especially as Desolation will be made available to the community free of charge.

Far from recycling what Valve has already done very well on Portal and Portal 2, Desolation is thus equipped with new levels, but also a dynamic soundtrack to accompany the resolution of the puzzles. Compositions that can already be discovered on the SoundCloud page of their author Roy Berardo.


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In development for two years, Desolation does not yet have a release date.

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