At Microsoft, Azure, Office and Gaming Still Lead in Growing Revenue

43.1 billion dollars in turnover for a company that is taking full advantage of the accelerated digital transition of companies.

It's no secret that the digital giants have not had to complain about the health crisis the world has been going through since early 2020. In any case, not on a strictly accounting level.

The publication of Microsoft's financial results is, for example, an opportunity to see the American company announce a turnover of 43.1 billion dollars for the whole year for a profit which stands at 15, $ 5 billion. A result up 33% compared to 2019. Sorry.


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Xbox division in great shape

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is deriving these excellent results from the necessary digital transition operated by countless companies around the world. Thus, the revenue generated by Office 365 increased by 21% over one year and that of LinkedIn by 23%.

Of course, all cloud-related services are also making clear progress with earnings growth of 26%. They are obviously driven by those of the Azure division, up 50% over one year. For its part, the Surface division recorded growth of 3%, admittedly more moderate, but nevertheless significant.

Finally, Microsoft emphasizes the success of the Xbox division. This obviously benefits from the launch of the next generation consoles, Xbox Series X | S. The turnover of this branch increased by 50% over one year: sales of consoles logically increased by + 86% over one year and the services / games part increased by 40%.

To drive the point home, Microsoft evokes its Game Pass whose success is undeniable. He thus took advantage of the year 2020 to exceed 18 million subscribers while Xbox LIVE - online gaming service - brings together more than 100 million users per month.

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