CES 2021: Samsung's robot serves as a household help and even goes so far as to bring you your beer

 As part of CES 2021, Samsung presented a new robot called Bot Handy.

The latter can help with household chores… and serve you a beer.



Simplify housekeeping with Samsung robotics

Although it is not (yet?) Available for sale, Samsung presented its new domestic robot, called Bot Handy, during CES 2021. The latter aims to become the privileged partner of his owner, to assist him in various household tasks, such as cleaning messy rooms or sorting dishes after a meal, or even serving a small comforting beer at the end of the day.


According to Samsung, “This robot will rely on advanced artificial intelligence to recognize and grasp objects of different sizes, shapes and weights, becoming an extension of yourself and helping you work around the house. '



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At the same time, Samsung has also lifted the veil on a new vacuum cleaner called JetBot 90 AI +, equipped with LiDAR and 3D sensors to avoid cables and small objects. An integrated camera also allows him to monitor the house.

Added to this is a new Bot Care, a robot that again wants to be an assistant and a companion, able to take care of the details of its owner's life. The integrated AI will allow him to learn, for example, the schedule or the habits of his owner, to guide him throughout the day.

'Cutting-edge technology for a better future' explains the Korean giant.

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