Control is coming to PC Game Pass on January 21





Already available on Xbox Game Pass since last month, Remedy Entertainment’s fascinating Control is coming to the PC version of the subscription starting this Thursday.

News that is sure to delight those who have had the chance to get their hands on an NVIDIA RTX graphics card recently.





Take Control

Undoubtedly the most successful game of the Finns of Remedy (Max Payne, Alan Wake), Control puts you in the shoes of Jesse, gone in search of his brother in the strange building of the Federal Office of Control, in New York.




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A building with strange properties, which houses even stranger characters and threats. A heroine in spite of herself, Jesse will have to find a way to contain the Hiss, a mysterious evil entity who seeks to escape from the Bureau to corrupt the world.

A fascinating game, both for its dizzying artistic direction and for its graphics giving pride of place to ray tracing, Control can only be warmly received by lovers of The X-Files, Lost or even New Weird literature.

Available since August 2019, Control will arrive on the PC Game Pass on January 21. This is the basic version; both The Foundation and AWE DLC can be purchased separately. As a reminder: the PS5 and Xbox Series versions of Control will be available on February 2 through Control: Ultimate Edition.


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