Cyberpunk 2077: copies of the game are refunded without having to be returned




As CD Projekt RED begins making Cyberpunk 2077's first refunds, some players have been able to keep their copy of the game.

Considering the major bugs marring the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the flagship title, CD Projekt Red offered, despite some difficulties, to reimburse dissatisfied players. However, some of them were able to take advantage of the refund without having to return their digital or physical copy of the game!



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Butter and butter money

After a difficult launch, on current-gen consoles in particular, and promises that CD Projekt Red could not keep on its own, dissatisfied players are just starting to be reimbursed. This delay is logically due to the fact that the decision was not only up to the Polish studio, but also to Sony and Microsoft, who initially refused to make such refunds.

However, the situation has stabilized, and Cyberpunk 2077 is gradually regaining color thanks to patches applied regularly. Still, the refunds requested at the launch of the game begin to be honored, and in many cases without the aggrieved players having to return their game.





 This news comes to us from our colleagues at Vice, who have received several testimonials from players who were able to keep their version of Cyberpunk 2077 following a refund via PayPal. These cases do not seem isolated and a priori affect both the physical and digital versions of the game.



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For a refunded game, a free game

Absolutely all versions seem concerned: a player has indeed sent a screenshot of his PayPal refund to the tune of $ 270, the price of the collector's edition. “I was surprised to receive this refund without being asked to return anything. So I still have in my possession all the content of the collector's edition. I think CD Projekt did it right: give us proof and we'll pay you back, ”he told Vice.

Another user who bought a game code on Xbox One has received their refund, and continues to be able to access the game installed on their console. 'Strangely, I still have access to the game, it is not showing as 'revoked', even though I have returned the code to them. No idea what will happen next, that said, ”he added.

It could be that in the long term the reimbursed copies will indeed be returned. For now, however, and in the absence of comments from CD Projekt Red or the platforms concerned, it seems that players can continue to enjoy their game, for free!


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