Deep Rock Galactic passes 2 million sales and takes stock in figures





Although having been successful during its early access period, the hailed Deep Rock Galactic will have truly had its heyday in 2020 when it was launched in version 1.0, to the point of passing the 2 million copies sold mark.

Ghost Ship Games studio is celebrating this success in numbers and other stats, while the next major update is just around the corner.


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Deep Rock Galactic success exploded in 2020

Available on Steam and Xbox One in version 1.0 since May 2020 (and arrived a few weeks ago on Game Pass), Deep Rock Galactic has undoubtedly found its audience. Its developer, Ghost Ship Games, is celebrating today the 2 million units of its cooperative mining FPS, of which just over half took place in 2020 alone, where sales have almost tripled.

In 2020, on Steam alone, there were 46,300 daily active players (up from 17,000 in 2019 during Early Access), and in total, players have mined for over 7,000 real years. It should also be noted that 1.3 million players were killed by the arrival of a supply pod, or that of the 106 million total deaths, 7.5 million resulted from friendly fire ...





For the record, the next major title update where four players / dwarves must explore caves and eliminate alien resistance will arrive on February 4 (the 11th for Xbox and Windows 10 versions). Patch 33, which will be accompanied by an optional paid cosmetic DLC, will add two new biomes and some enemy variations to vary the descents. 

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