Don't put your iPhone 12 too close to your pacemaker, Apple says so





Pacemaker, defibrillator… It is useful to remember to be vigilant when using a smartphone and having a medical implant in your body.

The iPhone 12 does not mix well with certain medical equipment essential to the survival of some people, warns Apple.



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Magnets are involved

The Cupertino company recently updated a support document to add recommendations for using all models of iPhone 12 series smartphones and MagSafe wireless charging accessories.

Apple advises that you should avoid placing these devices too close to a pacemaker, an implantable automatic defibrillator or other implants that can be affected by magnets and the use of radio frequencies.

It is advisable to keep a safety distance of about 15 centimeters in normal use, and at least 30 centimeters when the iPhone is charging wirelessly.



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The iPhone 12 is not the only one affected

If you or someone you know with this type of implant has the habit of keeping your mobile in a pocket near your chest or placing your smartphone on your chest when using it lying down, it is better to change your habits.

These recommendations aren't new and don't just apply to iPhone 12, we're just taking advantage of Apple's updated instructions for a helpful reminder.

Apple advises that the additional number of magnets on the iPhone 12 should in theory not increase the risk compared to previous models. But the company preferred to take the lead because doctors reported that the new iPhones could interfere with medical implants. In an experiment, a defibrillator was rendered dysfunctional when approaching an iPhone 12. Be careful, therefore.

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