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Google Earth is essential free software for exploring every nook and cranny of our planet on earth as well as at the bottom of the oceans, the Moon, Mars and the stars. It is as practical for exploring the world as it is for creating personalized maps using Google Earth Pro software on Windows.


Download Google Earth Pro for free at the bottom of the page

In Pro version, the software allows, among others:
- Distance and area measurements and the creation of routes;
- The creation and use of cadastral, demographic and traffic data layers;
- Importing vector data or images, spreadsheets in many formats;
- Recording of images or videos of guided tours;
- The creation of personalized cards;



Google Earth, what is it?

Google Earth is a geographic information system (or GIS), a real 3D virtual atlas developed since 2001. In its free Pro version and here available under Windows, this software allows you to visit the Earth, but also the Moon, Mars and Heaven in all its glory.

The Earth and the Stars from every angle

The mapping software assembles shots taken at different scales, from satellite photos to detailed aerial shots. It is thus possible to visit every nook and cranny of our planet and to follow the evolution of a landscape, a tourist place or a district thanks to a timeline. Many cities and regions of the world are mapped in 3 dimensions. Google has thus been able to add relief with the modeling of 3D buildings over the updates.


How to use it ?

Google Earth is simple, intuitive and fully translated into French. Once the software is installed, the user can navigate directly with the mouse by sliding the mouse in the desired direction, then zooming in on his points of interest using the wheel. Obviously the software has a search engine to easily find a locality on Earth, on the Moon or on Mars.

To get off to a good start, a guided tour presents the most beautiful wonders of the world and allows you to go around the world, from the Eiffel Tower to the Grand Canyon, passing by St. Peter's Basilica and the wreck of the Titanic.

Google Earth, urban guide?

Google Earth also focuses on cities and offers a comprehensive city guide. The interface displays different types of places such as bars, shopping centers, video clubs, airports, cinemas or even restaurants. The user can consult the address of a tourist place, perform a search on Google and display the route from this place to another.

Additionally, Google Earth also enjoys significant community support, with users being able to add map locations, photos, textures, or even buildings, which can be created with SketchUp Make. The software also celebrates several global awareness actions in connection with numerous NGOs for the protection of nature, historical heritage and human rights.


Google Earth: Earth and beyond

Google Earth Pro requires good hardware setup especially when it comes to viewing 3D cityscapes. The service is constantly enriched with new images, textures and more recent and even more precise shots.

The latest versions of the software also offer new horizons to explore: space with the Moon, Mars and the Sky as well as the seabed! The user can thus consult a lot of information and detailed pictures taken in space.


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