Elon Musk pledges $ 100 million to 'best' carbon capture tech




Via Twitter, Elon Musk announced his intention to give $ 100 million to whoever offers him the best carbon capture technology.

A generous action to lead to a better world (a priori).



Elon Musk might have $ 100 million for you

While he has just been mocked on Twitter by the CEO of Volkswagen Group, Elon Musk recently unsheathed his smartphone to launch a new initiative on the social network.

The latter indeed announces that he wants to offer the tidy sum of $ 100 million free of charge to anyone who will present him with the best carbon capture technology. Yes, a hundred million dollars!



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 At the moment, the American billionaire, whose short-term goal is to conquer the planet Mars, has not given further details. The latter, however, promises that more information will be disclosed as early as next week.

Obviously, Twitter users were quick to respond to the American billionaire. In this regard, the response that has received the most retweets and likes so far is… a photo of a tree.




 Recall that the founder of Tesla and Space X was the most sought-after businessman on Google in France in 2020. It remains to be seen whether Elon Musk will multiply this type of “philanthropic” initiatives in 2021, with large strokes of (hundreds of) millions of dollars…

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