Facebook launches action against Apple for abuse of dominance, Tim Cook hits back




Facebook is reportedly currently in the process of filing a lawsuit against Apple to force the company to abandon its new terms of use for the App Store.

Tensions are escalating between Facebook and Apple, and the case could soon go to court. The community giant points to several practices deemed illegal. For his part, Tim Cook is stoking tensions with regard to Mark Zuckerberg. Which of the two will bend?



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Facebook assaulting Apple

As we know, Facebook was one of the first companies to publicly criticize the new security measures introduced by Apple on its App Store. The Cupertino company now requires publishers to communicate on the data collected while giving users tools to stop this tracking.

For Facebook, whose business model consists precisely of enriching itself with data to target more and more advertisements from its advertisers, this is very bad news. The community giant made it known in the largest American newspapers and warned its partners that this forced transparency would hurt their income.

If, inside Facebook itself, employees wonder about the motives of the company, Mark Zuckerberg does not budge, and according to The Information, via 9to5Mac, he intends to force Apple to backtrack, even if it means take the company to court.

Mark Zuckerberg recently accused Apple of wanting to retain exclusive access to the IDFA, this unique identifier specific to each iPhone used so far to return highly targeted advertising. Facebook, like other publishers, will no longer have access to it by default. It is the user who will give his consent. Google is also working on an alternative device.




Tim Cook retaliates

The CEO. Apple does not intend to let it go, and according to Reuters at a conference on privacy, the man widely criticized applications massively collecting personal information.

While he didn't specifically mention Facebook, he didn't really need it. Forced to submit to App Store policy, Facebook had to show its white paws and the amount of data collected on iOS is now visible to everyone.

Tim Cook explains that at a time when disinformation and conspiracy theories are multiplying at a breakneck pace, it is not only time to review the algorithms that fuel them, but more generally to rethink current philosophy. According to him, we can no longer accept a model consisting in increasingly capturing the user's attention for the sole purpose of continuing to collect an ever greater amount of data.

In this regard, Apple is the subject of a complaint filed by activist Max Schrems about the IDFA. The man explained that this identifier was activated by default on the iPhone. The user then had to deactivate it manually, and thus end the tracking. This is what Apple now intends to offer.

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