Fallout New Vegas: expansion-like mod finally released after seven years of development





 After seven years in the making, Fallout New Vegas' most ambitious mod is finally out. Head for the Oregon border.

To celebrate the release of this mod, eagerly awaited by fans of Obsidian's vision for the Fallout franchise, the modders have cracked an explosive trailer.



 What happens at the border stays at the border

The Frontier is by far the most ambitious mod to ever come out on Fallout New Vegas, originally developed by Obsidian in 2010 and leading at the time to some of the creators of the original two episodes of the franchise.

This expansion-like mod this time takes the Courser to the snowy city of Portland, Oregon. This place is the scene of a major conflict between exiles from the Republic of New California and the Legion of Caesar. The two factions clash to master this strategic resource location, but the secrets it hides could change everything.

On the program: three main quests each offering ten hours of games, nearly a hundred side quests, thousands of fully lined lines of dialogue, over 150 new weapons and controllable vehicles such as tanks or vertiptera. To accommodate all these beautiful people, the Frontier offers a play area equivalent in size to that of the Mojave in the base game.



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 A team of modders worthy of a development studio

To make this extremely ambitious mod a reality, it is the equivalent of a real development studio that has been formed and set to work during the free time of each of these members. No less than a hundred people were involved in this project, shared in different “departments”.

There are modders responsible for the development of the gameplay, others taking care of the visual or musical part, and finally those occupied with the writing, which does not have to be ashamed of the work done by Obsidian at the origin. .

Finally, to perfect their work, we should point out that the modders have secured the services of professional dubbers. Each main and secondary character of the mod was thus entitled to his own voice actor. Simply impressive overall work, worthy of a real development studio, as we said.

If a few bugs are still to be deplored, the team is currently working on fixing them. Note that the mod was so eagerly awaited that it crashed its official page on Nexus Mods, in the early hours of its release. The Frontier is also downloadable from Steam and requires the purchase of Fallout New Vegas and all of its expansions to work.


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