Google Phone Could Automatically Record Calls From Unknown Numbers

The Google Phone app should see its conversation recording functionality improved.


One of the ways to find out in advance what new features developers are planning for an app is teardown, a process that involves carefully studying and analyzing an app's code to gain insight. This is how XDA Developers discovered an upcoming dormant feature in Google Phone.



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Activated in an upcoming Google Phone update?

The media explains having found several lines of code in version 59 of Google Phone. These describe the possibility of activating an option allowing the app to automatically record a telephone conversation if the correspondent calls from a number that is not saved in the user's contacts.

We also learn that the recordings are stored only on the phone, so they do not go through Google's servers. It also mentions a warning to both parties that the conversation is recorded.



 Pay attention to the correspondent's consent

Another interesting element, it is specified that in certain regions, the consent of all the participants in the call is required to legally record a call. Google indicates that it is up to the user to make sure to use this feature in accordance with local laws, suggesting that it could be accessible to everyone, and not blocked in countries with a legislation on this issue, such as France for example.

Google has not communicated on this subject for the moment. We know that the Mountain View firm has been working on recording calls for a while now. An option is already available in some countries on a limited number of smartphones: stock Android devices (Nokia in particular), Pixels and a selection of Xiaomi devices (Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 9S, Redmi Note 9 Pro version global).

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