Halo Infinite: 343 Industries promises new information every month starting this week





After taking the time to turn around following a disappointing Xbox Series X demo, 343 Industries is ready to say more about Halo Infinite.

In response to an editor concerned about the California studio's prolonged silence over the rest of the Master Chief's adventures, Brian Jarrard, its Community Manager, promised news every month. The first round of information on the development of the project is not expected to arrive later than this week.



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'Don't make promises to a woman if you can't keep them ...'

In his response to the worried user, Brian Jarrard takes the opportunity to review the last few months within 343 Industries. After a demo of Halo Infinite that disappointed in more than one way during the Xbox Games Showcase this summer dedicated to Xbox Series X | S, the studio spent a long time in radio silence.

Wishing to catch up with disappointed fans, the sequel to the flagship franchise of Xbox, initially planned for the launch of new-gen consoles, has been postponed for the first time to an undetermined date. In December, 343 Industries split a long blog post to review the progress of development, especially on the multiplayer dimension of the title and announce a release window in autumn 2021.

As a result, as Brian Jarrard points out, the studio employees took a well-deserved rest to recharge their batteries during the holiday season. The time for everyone to resume their brand at the start of 2021 has therefore been synonymous with a calm month of January in news for Halo Infinite.



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'... but I always keep my promises'

Now that everyone is on the bridge, Brian Jarrard promises that the studio will share news on the progress of the game's development every month. To justify his point, he even announces that it should start as early as this week.

However, in order not to create a disproportionate enthusiasm, he specifies that it will mainly be a text format. We should therefore not expect “World Premiere images” or shock announcements such as a release date.

According to his statements, this first series of monthly news will focus on the 'sandbox' world offered in the game and justifying the name Halo Infinite. The opportunity for the team in charge of the environment part of the game to show their vision of the game and their progress.

As a reminder, Halo Infinite is currently expected in the fall of 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.



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