Hitman 3: Confusion About Import Requirements for Hitman Levels 1 and 2




 A few days before the launch of Hitman 3, IO Interactive is clarifying the conditions that will allow players to import all levels of the first two parts into a single executive. Problem: The game’s Epic Games Store exclusivity poses some challenges for developers.

PC gamers will have to work their way down before they can import the levels from Hitman 2 into Hitman 3. As the game is not available on Epic Games, the only possible solution at this time is ... to repurchase the game as DLC.



The difficult business of porterage

The IO Interactive business is as beneficial as it is complex to implement. As a reminder, and this is the studio's promise: Hitman 3 will be able to integrate all the content of Hitman 1 & 2 if the players already have them. The result will be a single executive, allowing you to play all the missions in the trilogy.

On consoles, no particular problem seems to arise. With all three games available on the PlayStation and Xbox stores, player levels and progression can be imported into Hitman 3 without difficulty. On the PC, however, the exclusive Epic Games Store status of Hitman 3 is making developers at IO Interactive rack their brains.

The situation is delicate. In its thick (and exhaustive) launch guide, IO Interactive explains that importing levels and missions from previous games can only be done from a copy of Hitman 2 (which, too, can bundle the missions of the first part). The only opus that is not available on EGS as of this writing. To put it another way: if you have Hitman 1 on EGS and Hitman 2 on Steam, you will not be able (for now) to import your progress and levels on Hitman 3.



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IO Interactive promises that no player will have to buy back previous games

A fine thorn in the side of the studio, which nevertheless sells us its latest game as the ultimate Hitman experience. So not to lose face, IO Interactive has already communicated on certain countermeasures to make players wait.

Beginning January 20 - the launch date of Hitman 3 - Hitman First Name will be offered to buyers for 10 days in the form of an Access Pass (the game in DLC form, roughly speaking). Hitman 2 (also in Access Pass format) will benefit from an 80% discount for 14 days. An offer which is intended mainly for newcomers, but which could also act as a stopgap for those who are most impatient with a solution allowing them to import the game from another platform.

But the Danish studio is clear: no owner of a copy of Hitman 2 on PC is obliged to repurchase the game. IO is actively working on a solution that will allow owners of the game on Steam to import the content. on Hitman 3. Quite simply, this will not be possible from January 20th.





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Source : IO Interactive


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