Hitman 3: good performance on new-gen consoles, but better resolution on Xbox Series X





 The PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions of Hitman 3 show excellent performance, with a small resolution advantage for the Series X.

Our colleagues at Digital Foundry have, as part of their performance tests, pushed the newborn of IO Interactive to its limits on new generation consoles. While the game is doing very well overall and generally maintains the sacrosanct 60 fps, the Xbox Series X is currently the only one that can display the game in 4K.







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 Agent 4K marked with an X

For this time, it is the new major console from Microsoft which wins over that of Sony. The Xbox Series X indeed displays Hitman 3 in 4K resolution, where the PS5 stops at 1800p resolution. However, the difference is not transcendent and the game displays the same textures on both platforms.

Given this resolution advantage, the Xbox Series X also appears to have better shadow quality than its competitor. Either way, Agent 47 is moving through its new 60fps sandbox with almost no lag on both consoles.

As would be expected, the PS4 and Xbox One versions are however well behind, displaying the game at an average of 30 frames per second. The PS4 Pro nevertheless seems to do better with 1080p resolution at almost constant 60 frames per second.

Overall successful console versions, therefore, for this latest opus generally hailed by critics, especially in our columns, sandbox adventures of our favorite bald assassin.



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