Hitman III is a 'living' game and will soon be Ray-Tracing compatible on Xbox Series S | X




 Available for a few days, Hitman III will evolve over the weeks.

According to Maurizio de Pascale, Chief Technology Officer at IO Interactive, Hitman III is “a living game”.



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Ray-Tracing soon for Hitman III

Launched very recently on Xbox, PS4 and even Nintendo Switch, Hitman III is the very last opus of the adventures of Code 47. Also according to the statements of Maurizio de Pascale, the release of the game marks 'only the beginning of the adventure'.

The latter explains that the development teams will continue to work on the title to add new elements.






In addition to various technical adjustments and other fixes, future updates of Hitman III will notably allow the game to accommodate ... ray-tracing. 'We have started working on ray-tracing to integrate it into our engine, the Glacier engine, and as soon as we are ready, we want to incorporate it into the Series X | S version of the game,' reports Maurizio de Pascale.

At this time, IO Interactive has not given any indication of the availability of ray-tracing in Hitman III on the new Xbox consoles, or even if this technology will also be offered on the PS5 version of the game.

Remember that on Xbox, Hitman III is compatible with the Smart Delivery function and therefore allows the player to switch from one generation to another for free, taking advantage of the technical developments of the new Xbox Series X | S without losing their progress.

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