Honor: towards a new range of smartphones with Google services and the PlayStore






 The Honor company, which recently became independent from its parent company Huawei, was currently working on a new range of smartphones equipped with Google services.

By separating from Huawei, the Honor brand has freed itself from the restrictions put in place by the US administration and imposed on its former parent company. She is therefore able to work with American companies.




 The Play Store returns to Honor

The Honor brand is now managed by Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology, a new company resulting from a consortium made up of around thirty entities, which would have bought Honor from Huawei for the equivalent of 12.7 billion euros. The sum has not, however, been confirmed by the Chinese giant.

Having become independent, Honor can escape the sanctions of the US government, which more generally enter into a trade battle with China. In other words, the brand is not (yet?) Blacklisted, and can therefore work with American companies.

Also, the company should be able to offer Google services, including the PlayStore, on its next smartphones. According to the Russian blog Kommersant, new terminals could be launched in Russia in the spring, subsequently benefiting from extended availability.



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Honor takes flight ... Until when?

According to information collected via GSM Arena, Honor would have also chosen to withdraw the App Gallery, the store that Huawei is striving to develop following the forced withdrawal from the Play Store of its devices. It could also be that the company is ignoring Huawei's EMUI interface.

Moreover, as we know, Honor no longer has Huawei's Kirin chips. Initially, Mediatek will therefore supply the SoCs for the brand's future smartphones. But Honor can also afford the luxury of negotiating with the American founder Qualcomm, hoping to integrate Snapdragon chips into its next terminals. Enough to allow him to face the competition without blushing therefore.

However, as a Chinese company, Honor remains at the mercy of the US government. Indeed, let us recall that more recently, and in addition to Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi and seven other Chinese companies have suffered new investment bans from the United States.




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