iPhone: How to fix the notification issue in iOS 14


iOS 14 is the latest version of Extracts from the operating system, which many iPhones have already made the jump to. However, as often happens in the early stages of a new release, iPhone users start to find errors which, more than serious, seem overly annoying. One of the most common causes is the iPhone not receiving notifications. Some have found the temporary 'fix' to be easier than it looks.

It is common, when a new version of iOS is released that reaches thousands of users in a massive way, that the problems do not take long to appear. In this case, the notification issue appears on many iPhones running iOS 14 and not just the latest iPhone 12.



Notifications do not arrive

The main problem is that the users are not receiving the notifications. In some cases, notifications arrive, but not their banners. In other variations of the issue, notifications only appear when you're in the app that's supposed to receive them, but they stop appearing as soon as the screen is locked. Regardless of the version of the same problem, it is something extremely uncomfortable that does not yet have a clear solution. Meanwhile, specialist forums continue to fill up with users reporting this issue, although possible solutions have started to emerge as well.



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Temporary and causal patch

Based on various tests, the issue appears to be with Bluetooth connectivity. When this connection is disabled, notifications will go smoothly in most cases. Disabling Bluetooth seems to solve the problem although it is not the ideal solution, it works as a temporary fix. However, there are other possible solutions that seem to work while the actual solution comes from Apple:

  • Enable the Show on lock screen option in Settings / Notifications / Messages
  • Disable the 'Show in CarPlay' function in the notification settings
  • Add repeated alerts in notification settings
  • Disable 'Hide alerts' in the 'Messages' app

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