YouTube's turn to temporarily suspend Donald Trump's account


It is now YouTube's turn to suspend Donald Trump's account. The platform justifies its decision by the 'permanent risk of violence' that the current president of the United States can cause; the sanction will last for at least a week.


We can say that Google's platform will have taken its time compared to its sisters. On January 7, the day after the Capitol invasion by pro-Trump demonstrators, Mark Zuckerberg publicly announced the suspension of Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts, for an indefinite period. Two days later, Twitter permanently suspended the account of the President of the United States.



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YouTube suspends Donald Trump's account



The video platform announced this morning its decision to temporarily suspend Donald Trump's account. As she explains on Twitter, 'after careful consideration, and in light of concerns about the potential for ongoing violence, we have removed new content uploaded to the Donald J. Trump Channel.'

Donald Trump and his teams will no longer be able to upload new videos, for at least seven days. Finally, comments are disabled under all videos in the channel, 'as we have done for other channels, where there are security issues in the comments section,' explains YouTube.

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