It will apparently be possible to play The Witcher III on the new Tesla Model S




Elon Musk definitely has no limits. Tesla is integrating a supercharged GPU computer in its new generation Model S, with probably The Witcher III in the catalog.

Tesla has just unveiled the all-new version of its Model S, which not only improves in terms of performance and range, but also in the interior, via its entertainment module, among other things.



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The Witcher III soon to be playable in Tesla Model S

Tesla announces the integration of a computer with particularly powerful graphics capabilities capable, according to the manufacturer, of competing with new-generation consoles with its 10 teraflops (against 10.28 for the PS5 and 12 for the Xbox Series X).

What to play games much more greedy than the titles currently available on Tesla, like Cuphead for example. In a visual giving an overview of the console interface, we can notably see The Witcher III.

Elon Musk gave a layer of teasing on Twitter by launching the following poll: “Do you want to play The Witcher on your Tesla? With answers: 'Yes [throw a coin]' in reference to the song from the Netflix series, and 'No, I have the plague'. While recalling in passing that The Witcher series can already be viewed in a Tesla.



 What about Cyberpunk?

Elon Musk even indicates that Cyberpunk is playable on this on-board computer, without giving more details about this however. We imagine that it is for the moment only a capacity, and not a really available functionality. Many questions still remain unanswered.




Tesla indicates compatibility with wireless controllers, without specifying which models will be compatible. We also don't know which partner the automaker is working with to design the chip that will run the system.

The new Tesla Model S, which will be available from 90,000 euros, is equipped with a 17-inch main screen with definition 2200 x 1300 pixels which should prove to be rather comfortable to play (as comfortable as can be a gaming session in the car).

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