Its creation, its key dates, ... the history of Twitter summarized in 7 minutes




From the creation of the site in 2005 to the suspension of Donald Trump's account, a lot has happened on Twitter. The Brut media looks back on the history of the microblogging social network.

If we talk to you about 'hashtag', 'retweet', 'trending topics' or 'timeline', what do you think? From the mid-2000s to the present day, Twitter has become an essential tool for information and communication.


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When Twitter revolutionizes news coverage

Like Facebook and Instagram in their fields, Twitter has become one of the most influential social networks on the web. Created in 2005 by Jack Dorsey, then web designer for a podcast company, it was originally intended to be an SMS communication site, retaining the 140 character rule specific to this type of message. A year later, Internet users took to Twitter as a small earthquake shook the city of San Francisco.



In April 2009, the social network began to gain its letters of nobility: it was then used by many American personalities including the host Oprah Winfrey. In 2011, Barack Obama became the first President of the United States to open an account on the now famous blue bird network.

With this visibility, Twitter has gradually become a powerful political communication tool. But the microblogging social network is also flawed, and has recently had to deal with the spread of fake news, tweets from terrorist organizations, and other hacks ...

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