Live streaming up 78.4% in 2020, or 27.89 billion audience hours




Twitch, Facebook, YouTube… The major live streaming platforms have greatly benefited from the health situation in 2020.

While the growth of live streaming (therefore excluding Netflix-style SVoD) has been very strong in recent years, it has further intensified in 2020 under the impetus of lockdowns and curfews imposed by governments around the world to oppose the pandemic.



 COVID-19 accelerates the rise of live streaming

According to data from StreamLabs, a total of 27.89 billion hours of live stream content were viewed in 2020 on major platforms (Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook), an increase of 78.4% compared to 2019 ( 15.63 billion hours).

The impact of COVID-19 on this kind of content is gigantic. Over the first quarter, the increase is high but measured. The gauge exploded during the second quarter, which partly corresponds to the first confinement. In the summer, when the restrictions were lifted, audiences subsided slightly before skyrocketing at the end of the year.




Facebook close to tripling its audience, YouTube doubles

With 18.41 billion hours viewed alone, Twitch is a large market leader and is experiencing growth of around 67.36% in 2020 compared to 2019. In the last quarter of 2020, the platform owned by Amazon had a market share of 65.8%.

YouTube and Facebook, which took the opportunity to attract different profiles, not necessarily gaming, have experienced even more spectacular growth. YouTube almost doubled its live audience over the year (+ 96.5%) with 6.19 billion hours viewed. Facebook posted an increase of 184%, also benefiting from the absorption of Mixer, and rose to 3.1 billion hours of content consumed.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, YouTube and Facebook gained 23.3% and 10.9% of market share respectively.

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