Microsoft, Google and Amazon would like to buy other video game studios






 The announcements concerning the takeovers of video game studios could punctuate this year 2021. Indeed, the main players in this industry probably have the ambition to get their hands on the portfolio ...


Acquisitions of studios in the gaming industry continue to make headlines. It must be said that the last few years have been rich in this area. Microsoft has distinguished itself with the takeovers of many companies such as Ninja Theory, Obsidian, Double Fine or even more recently ZeniMax Media. Sony and Nintendo have been more discreet by buying Insomniac Games in 2019 for the first and Next Level Games for the second in January 2021. And it is obviously not over!




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The big names are active

Indeed, Brad Sams, a BWWMediaGroup journalist specializing in Microsoft, said he was aware of multiple buyout possibilities in the video game industry. If he does not specify which studios will be bought, he mentions the fact that Google (with Stadia), Amazon or Microsoft have recently approached several large developers to discuss the subject.

[…] I can tell you that several big names in the industry have been approached by Microsoft but also by Amazon and Google. Sony is also in the conversation, but not at the same level […].

And since the video game industry has never done so well, it's no wonder that these companies are stepping up to lock in strong exclusives in the near future.

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