NATO chooses Thales to acquire a deployable militarized cloud in operation



In search of a militarized and certified cloud solution, NATO chose Thales to provide it with a service that can be deployed in less than 24 hours in theaters of operations, a first of its kind. The politico-military organization was seduced by the know-how of the French group as a military integrator, which for its part set foot in a new market sector.



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Thales's solution saves time and requires fewer men

Thales has developed a defense cloud whose goal is to help the armed forces analyze and share information in real time, from upstream to downstream, from the command center to the theater of operations.

This solution offered to NATO consists of a response to demand which consists in being able to use the data at any time, right up to the heart of military operations. With the guarantee of being able to operate a secure digital transformation and accelerate the decision cycle.

The solution developed by Thales on behalf of NATO has real technical properties and advantages. First, it makes it possible to reduce the deployment of information and application services from several thousand kilometers to just a few hours. Before this first Defense Cloud, such an application required months and dozens of engineers, most of which would be useless today with Thales's Nexium Defense Cloud solution.



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A Thales foray into the Cloud tinged with versatility

Being able to have total autonomy on the ground which comes to be combined with this desire for sovereignty, the Thales solution can be adapted just as well to high capacity land or infrastructures, as for the headquarters, as in all boxes. -in-one.

Thales indicates that it has benefited from a complete technology, retracing the entire military command: servers, data storage, boxes or even the supervision system. “Thales is proud to contribute to the digital transformation of the armed forces through this first deployable, tactical and certified Defense Cloud. We thank NATO for their renewed confidence in our expertise in interoperable and secure information and telecommunications systems, ”commented Marc Darmon, Deputy Managing Director Secure Information and Communication Systems at Thales.

With state-of-the-art technology in the face of certification and standardization, Thales finally meets the standard called Federated Mission Networking (FMN), a NATO standard which makes it possible to link command networks to coalition operations.

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