Netflix: The Elder Scrolls series in the works?

 Warning, rumor: after The Witcher, Netflix would be well motivated to adapt another successful fantasy license in series: The Elder Scrolls.

In any case, this is what the insider Daniel Richtman reported last November, but the editorial staff has visibly missed it ...


 Until The Elder Scrolls VI…

Last summer, Bethesda officially announced the start of a Fallout series, chaired by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy of Westworld, coming to Prime Video. But it looks like Netflix doesn't want to leave the publisher's licensing monopoly to Amazon. This is in any case what a rumor indicates, which we will therefore take for the moment with the tweezers of rigor.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, Netflix would therefore like to adapt the famous saga The Elder Scrolls as a series. The next installment, The Elder Scrolls VI, is still in development and shouldn't be released right away. Like this hypothetical series, moreover, which has a wide choice of stories to adapt, since the first game of this famous RPG license dates from 1994.

For the record, Netflix would not be its first attempt with fantasy-oriented video games, since it already offers a certain series The Witcher.

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