New id Software VR project receives an 18+ rating in Australia





A certain “Project 2021A” initiated by id Software for a virtual reality game received an 18+ rating in Australia.

The project in question is therefore considered by the Australian authority as a game of sufficient violence to be classified 18+ and addresses themes with strong impact. Just like a certain DOOM Eternal before him.



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DOOM Eternal soon in VR?

In 2017, one year after the excellent reboot of the legendary DOOM franchise, id Software had split an adaptation tailored for virtual reality: DOOM VFR.

In March 2020, id Software repeated the feat by giving a serious patriarchal lesson to recent single-player FPSs with DOOM Eternal. Such a stinging lesson that the sequel generated twice as much revenue as DOOM 2016.

It is therefore very likely that history will repeat itself and that this famous 'Project 2021A', endowed by the Australian authority with an age classification identical to DOOM Eternal, is none other than a VR adaptation of the latter. .

While waiting to learn more, remember that DOOM Eternal recently had a rather convincing port on Nintendo Switch. As part of the buyout of Bethesda by Microsoft, it also joined the Xbox Game Pass; and an update for Xbox Series X | S and PS5 is on the way.




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