Nintendo stole artwork from ... Super Mario?

 On its site dedicated to the Super Nintendo World park, the Japanese giant would use an image of Super Mario…. that he did not create.

The image in question is actually the work of an independent artist, namely uJidow.



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Nintendo in an unprecedented situation?

At the beginning of February, Nintendo will (normally) be able to open the doors of its Super Nintendo World in Osaka. To this end, the Japanese giant has put an official website online.



However, the first image used when loading the web page would be the work of an independent artist…. Indeed, uJidow explains via Twitter that Nintendo used his work to illustrate his website. 'I love how Nintendo used MY render of Mario for their Nintendo World site,' he explains in a tweet.


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 A situation at least ironic for Nintendo, when we know how aggressive the firm is when it comes to protecting its intellectual property, the Japanese group does not hesitate to cancel any form of unofficial project using near or far a home license.

For his part, the creator quickly wished to moderate his remarks by confiding to Kotaku: 'I'm so used to my Mario creations going unnoticed. I am told to initiate proceedings, but I find it very pleasant to finally have a little recognition. '

It is obviously difficult to know if the artwork used by Nintendo is indeed that developed by uJidow. In addition, it seems rather unlikely that any procedure could have a chance of success, Nintendo having the rights to the character of Mario, not to mention the fact that Nintendo has already offered artworks very similar to those developed by the creator. This probably explains this a little ...

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