No Time To Die: Delayed, James Bond Needs New Sockets To Replace Nokia Products





Very popular, James Bond films are rife with product placements. The next opus, No Time To Die, will be no exception to this rule.

Problem: The film will hit theaters over a year and a half behind the original schedule. As a result, some products handled by Daniel Craig will no longer be very fashionable. To meet the contracts, production must therefore replace them, or even shoot new scenes.


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One and a half later, the products are obsolete

It was originally scheduled for release in April 2020; but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the next James Bond, No Time To Die, is not expected to hit theaters until next October. Unfortunately, many of the products that appear in scenes will not be really relevant until then. They would risk giving the most famous double zero a serious facelift and lessening the impact of product placement; not really to the liking of sponsors, you can imagine.

This inconvenience concerns in particular the 8.3 5G smartphone from Nokia which was to appear in the film. This model has been on the market since October 2020; he will therefore be one year old in October 2021. In other words, James Bond would be handling an antique! Worse, it would not encourage viewers to rush to the nearest store to acquire the toy shown in the film ... In short, a bad return on investment for Nokia.






A film industry source sums it up this way: “By the time the movie comes along, it will feel like Daniel Craig and all the rest of the crew are using things that have been out for ages. chandeliers. That's not really the point of these deals [...] Big tech companies want stars to have all the new products coming to help them promote them and sell them to fans [...] It means that certain scenes will have to be very carefully edited and retouched to bring things up to date ”.



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Nokia, Omega, Adidas and Bollinger

Besides the Nokia smartphone, this obsolescence affects Omega watches, Adidas shoes and even Bollinger champagne (well, for the latter, we imagine that it is a little less annoying).

Consequently, Cary Joji Fukunaga, the director of the film, and his teams will have to modify certain scenes to replace the old products with newer ones, or even shoot new ones. For now, the identity of the Nokia smartphone that will succeed 8.3 remains a mystery.

Like what, even James Bond is subject to the dictates of brands.


Sources : GSMArena, TheSun


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