Nuclear power is the future of space exploration, say Rolls-Royce and the UK Space Agency

 The famous Rolls-Royce company has concluded a research contract with the UKSA (UK Space Agency). The two entities believe that nuclear power has everything it needs to 'revolutionize' space exploration.



Like NASA, USKA therefore relies on nuclear propulsion for future space flights. Nuclear power has many advantages, according to the space agency.



Travel twice as fast

The first advantage is a clear saving of time. Nuclear propulsion would cut the duration of space travel in half compared to those made with chemical-powered devices. As part of a journey to Mars, nuclear propulsion would allow a one-way trip in just three or four months, compared to eight months with current technologies.

However, in space, reducing journey times is a vital necessity. Indeed, the less time astronauts spend in space, outside the protection afforded by the Earth's magnetosphere, the less radiation they suffer. Obviously, reducing the duration of exposure limits the harmful effects of radiation on their body.

In addition, energy becomes more and more precious the further away from the Sun is. Far from our star, solar panels do not provide enough energy. A nuclear generator overcomes this problem and is, according to the UKSA, more reliable than other technologies such as fuel cells.

UKSA Managing Director Graham Turnock says, “Nuclear space power and propulsion is a game-changing concept. They could facilitate future distant space missions that will take us to Mars and beyond. This study will allow us to understand the exciting potential of atomic-powered spacecraft and whether this emerging technology could help us travel further and faster in space. '



The creation of many skilled jobs

For the British government, this research contract will facilitate the creation of new skilled jobs in any country. A chance in this period of pandemic, according to Amanda Solloway, Minister of Science in the British government.

She puts it this way: 'In order to emerge stronger from the pandemic, it is partnerships like this one between businesses, industry and government that will help create jobs and promote innovations. pioneers who will advance British spaceflight. Nuclear power presents transformative possibilities for space exploration, and this contract with Rolls-Royce could help propel our next generation of astronauts into space faster and for longer, greatly increasing our knowledge of it. 'Universe.



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