PS5: console boxes for sale on eBay for several hundred dollars





Two months after its release, the PS5 is still not found on the internet or even in stores. And unfortunately, unscrupulous Internet users are taking advantage of the situation to deceive players who would like to get the machine from Sony.

It's a ritual we could do without, but it is not uncommon to see recent consoles being sold at unreasonable prices. But other more devious practices are spreading to sites specializing in e-commerce. As often in these cases, it is eBay which is in the viewfinder and this obviously concerns the famous PlayStation 5.



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A bit expensive for boxes ...

Indeed, several offers are content to sell empty boxes of PS5 for several hundred dollars. Prices can sometimes go up to  1300 $. Thus, potential buyers desperate to have the console could be extremely disappointed when receiving empty boxes thinking they have bought the machine. In a recent statement, eBay said it was taking action on these 'false ads'. Thus, all offers to market boxes of PS5 will be withdrawn.

You should also know that eBay undertakes to reimburse a buyer who receives an item that does not correspond to the offer posted on the site. In 2013, for example, an unfortunate person had to pay £ 450 for what he thought was an Xbox One when it was just a picture of the console. eBay will take steps to ensure that such a scam does not occur again.



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