PS5: Sony patent allows players to post in-game tips

Sony wants to strengthen the social dimension of the PS5 by allowing players to help each other via visible messages directly in the game.



These messages can take the form of text, images or sounds, and can be integrated into single player games as well as multiplayer games.


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The end of the walkthroughs for PS5 games?

Sony is visibly given the mission of making the PS5 a console with the most developed social dimension possible. A first step had already been taken by the Japanese manufacturer by publishing specific advice for each game.





However, a new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment intends to push this functionality even further. The company would thus be working on a system allowing players to help each other through advice in the form of images, texts or sounds.

As shown in the image from Killzone 2, above, this system would place tooltips or other elements to warn peers of upcoming dangers or to point them in the right direction. Developers will also be able to integrate their own tips to complement those of players, however at an additional cost.


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The Dark Soulization of in-game advice

Players of the Soulsborne genre, recently ported by the excellent Demon's Souls remake on PS5, are very familiar with this concept of in-game messages.

Given the difficulty inherent in its games, From Software has in fact introduced for almost 10 years a system allowing players to leave marks on the ground providing more or less welcome help to the following ones. We will of course remember the messages of a troll character, such as 'No chest straight ahead, praised be the Sun' (the real ones know) placed in front of the character allowing to level up in the central hub.

This system, generalized to all PS5 games, is part of an investigation conducted internally at Sony. This raised key points visibly preventing some players from persevering in particularly difficult games. Among them, we found the fact of having to search the Internet in search of solutions and tips ...

Also, by allowing players and developers to leave messages directly in-game, Sony kills two birds with one stone: players should be more inclined to continue playing and will not have to take breaks to find the solution to one. given problem.

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