PS5: You can now customize the DualSense controller




 Decor Evolve is now offering players the opportunity to customize their DualSense controllers. This goes through different 'faceplates', obviously with a whole range of colors to choose from.


Faceplates also for the DualSense

Available since November 19 in France, Sony's new PS5 should soon give pride of place to personalization. Indeed, the console has two plastic side panels, which can be easily exchanged. Only concern: Sony does not currently offer any customization option….



In the meantime, some manufacturers are trying to sneak in this path, and if SUP3R5 tried to market black PS5s recently, it is today the company Decor Evolve which offers new personalization elements to PS5 players.


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 Indeed, if the console should ultimately benefit from official customization options from Sony, this may also be the case for the DualSense controller. In this sense, on its website, Decor Evolve already offers a dozen dedicated shells for the PS5 controller.

For $ 9.99, we can get our hands on new cases in pink, orange, blue, red…. These are intended to replace the black plastic part present on all DualSense controllers.




At present, Sony has not (yet) taken steps to put an end to Decor Evolve's activities with regard to this customization of DualSense, but we imagine that this could not be too late ...



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