Repentance, the latest expansion for Binding of Isaac, announced for March 31, 2021

 Expected at the end of 2020, the ultimate expansion of The Binding of Isaac, called Repentance, finds a release date of March 31, 2021 on Steam.

It is through a cryptic and creepy trailer like the Isaac franchise has the secret that the unspeakable Edmund McMillen and his studio Nicalis unveil the final release date.


Redemption is a long road strewn with tears

Almost 3 years after its announcement, the ultimate expansion to hit rogue-lite The Binding of Isaac finally finds a release date. Originally scheduled for December, Repentance encountered, like many other projects, some complications, particularly related to the coronavirus pandemic.

10 years after the release of the original title, fans will therefore once again be able to accompany Isaac on March 31, 2021 in his (mis) adventures within his tortured imagination.

The reasons for this four-month delay, according to Edmund McMillen, are said to be due to his studio's desire to polish the game to the max. Widely known for his many and sometimes psychedelic synergies, Nicalis wants to make sure that everything works for the best, despite the more seasoned attempts to 'break the game'.


Isaac gets a makeover

Largely inspired by the very popular Antibirth mod and in collaboration with its creator, Repentance promises beautiful things for fans of the license.

In addition to a graphic revamp, this ultimate expansion will add an all-new biome, thousands of new rooms, new monsters, bosses and devious traps, and no less than 130 new items. Something to make your head spin, the base game already includes several hundred objects with sometimes delusional synergies, not to mention the plethora of monsters, bosses and traps already available.

Edmund McMillen and his studio took advantage of this new trailer to indicate that they will continue to update players on the development progress on the expansion's official Steam page.

So dry your tears, you will need them for March 31, 2021. 

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