Rumble files complaint against YouTube for abuse of dominance



 Rumble, a competitor of YouTube, has just started actions against Google for abuse of dominant position. The company is asking for $ 2 billion in damages.

Google has already faced penalties for promoting its services within its own search engine. With more than 90% market share worldwide, the company is obviously subject to competition laws. But the case is not so simple, here, the plaintiff, the Canadian company Rumble, also considers that Google is guilty of a form of censorship.


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Google, again accused of monopoly

Toronto-based video platform Rumble has filed a lawsuit in California, accusing Google of manipulating its algorithm to showcase content from YouTube to the detriment of content from other video services.

While the European Commission recently forced Google to set up a screen allowing users to choose their search engine on their Android smartphones, Rumble's complaint is now aimed at installing the YouTube app by default.

'With its search engine, Google diverted massive traffic to YouTube, to the detriment of Rumble, which could also have benefited from users, uploading, branding and revenue.'


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An underlying censorship story

While this week is marked by the suspension of the accounts of outgoing US President Donald Trump on social networks, as well as by the unexpected closure by Amazon of the Parler network, Rumble in turn points to a bias on the part of Google.

Note that the platform benefited in particular from an advertisement by Republican Devin Nunes, joined by several conservatives. According to Business Insider, which reports the case, Rumble now has a base of 2 million users. His most viewed clips include Dan Bongino, commentator for the Conservative Party as well as Sean Hannity, a Fox News presenter, supporting the American political right. Remember, moreover, that in the United States, the Republicans often do not see a very good eye the large companies of Silicon Valley, which sometimes publicly display their progressive policies.

Rumble explains for his part that the videos of his platform are continuously relegated to the bottom of the list in Google search results, without justification. The plaintiff therefore seeks 2 billion in damages. The complaint comes just hours after Parler decided to take Amazon to court.

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