Samsung reportedly invests $ 10 billion for 3nm chip factory in Texas




Samsung is working on 3nm engraving. The Korean manufacturer plans to invest some $ 10 billion for a new plant in Texas.

While Samsung recently unveiled its new smartphone chip engraved in 5 nm, the company intends to further refine its engraving. And that could be accompanied by smartphones made in the United States. At least as far as the SoC itself is concerned.



A 10 billion dollar project ...

Bloomberg reports that Samsung is currently looking for premises in Austin, Texas to establish a new production facility. The company plans to start work this year, develop the premises next year and start production in 2023. On the table, Samsung would ask $ 10 billion for this new project.

According to Greg Roh, vice president of the investment firm HMC Securities, Samsung aims to be the first chip maker by 2030. To achieve this, the company must invest heavily in the United States to better compete with the current leader, TSMC.

Back in November, we reported that TSMC was planning to start mass production of 3nm chips as early as 2022. Samsung therefore has no time to waste. Bloomberg reports that Samsung could apply for some aid from Joe Biden's new government, for example by benefiting from tax exemptions.

TSMC already masters 5nm engraving. It is notably the supplier of Apple's A14 Bionic chip. The Taiwanese company has also invested $ 12 billion for the construction of a factory in Arizona. The latter should be ready in 2024.


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 For a market worth 400 billion dollars!

The semiconductor market is worth $ 400 billion, and Samsung plans to spend some $ 116 billion over the next ten years to move into pole position.

From Google to Microsoft via Apple or Amazon, all major companies design the architecture of their own chips in order to improve the performance of their products. The TSMC and Samsung production chains are therefore competing to share this market.

But that's without counting on the current leader in mobile SoCs, Qualcomm, whose Snapdragon chip is now fitted to most devices. Moreover, to strengthen its position, Qualcomm recently acquired NUVIA, founded by former CPU specialists at Apple for the Ax range of iPhone chips.



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