Smart mask, disinfectant robots: CES inventions tackle the Covid 19




The CES, a great mass of innovation that is usually held in Las Vegas, was a little disrupted by the Covid this year. The edition was entirely virtual and many startups took the opportunity to draw, already, inventions intended to fight against the coronavirus, or at least to make our lives easier in times of pandemic.

After four days of videoconferences and virtual meetings, CES 2021 ended on Thursday. Far from the anthill of Las Vegas, the World New Technologies Show was held, and this is a first, entirely online because of the Covid-19. Some 1,500 companies, three times less than usual, participated in this unprecedented edition, riveted to their computers to chain meetings with investors, the press and other entrepreneurs. And the pandemic has also featured in innovations: many startups have presented products directly or indirectly linked to the health crisis.


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The mask of the future is already (almost) here

What if we were to get used to wearing the mask for the long haul? It is on the basis of this somewhat distressing observation that the American company Razer invented a 'smart mask', one of the most noticed products of CES 2021. Specializing in computer accessories for gamers, it had already adapted its factories last spring to produce surgical masks. This time Razer went even further with the Hazel, a silicone mask with a transparent front, equipped with small rechargeable respirators on the sides and even microphones to amplify the voice.




 Ce masque n'est pour l'instant qu'un concept mais Razer a affirmé sa volonté de continuer à le travailler pour, peut-être, le sortir un jour. Reste à savoir s'il sera aux normes. Mais la promesse est belle : les respirateurs, qui évitent la formation de buée, doivent également permettre de filtrer 95% des particules aéroportées.



Innovation tackles Covid

This futuristic mask was far from being the only CES innovation focused on Covid. 'It is true that many products this year were designed to meet the challenges of the health crisis. It could be new purifying masks, robots that disinfect with UV lamps, detectors of the presence of the Covid-19 virus in the air ... ', underlines Florent Roulier, specialist in new technologies for the Niji cabinet. 'In the field of pure health, we also saw a Korean startup that invented an antigen testing system that can be done at home completely independently.'




 On the French side, the startup Lexon presented a vase-shaped smartphone charging station. The phone is placed in it and while it is charging, LED-UV lamps disinfect it in 20 minutes. A useful invention when we know that there are more bacteria on our phones than on our hands. Finally, an innovation, which will give hope to fans in need of sport: during this CES we saw the demonstration of a drone which sprays an antibacterial product in a stadium before a match.

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